Ready to get stronger? 

Optional binding and open every day from 10-21. Limited number of members and YOU decide if you want the whole studio to yourself! Book your appointment via the app, get your code for the entrance and changing rooms with showers. Get training tips streamed to the theatre wall and get the strength you need to reach your goals!

  • FOR DEG. SOM ØNSKER FRIHETEN TIL Å TA MED ENN VENN ELLER TRENINGSPARTNER. En måneds ubegrenset adgang, 14 dager gratis prøveperiode. Deretter 695 kr/mnd. Du blir ikke belastet før prøveperioden er over.
    FOR YOU WHO KNOW YOU WANT TO TRAIN! ONLY 399, – PER MONTH. You pay for a one-year agreement, and save over 1,100 kroner! Of course, you also get a 14-day free trial period on this subscription, which is automatically activated from day 14. You will not be charged until the trial period is over. Freeze your membership whenever you want.
    MEDLEM BASIS. Dette er et fleksibelt medlemsskap, hvor du betaler pr måned. Ingen bindingstid. 14 dager gratis prøveperiode. Du blir automatisk aktivt medlem fra dag 14. Deretter 495,- kr/mnd. Du blir ikke belastet før prøveperioden er over. Frys medlemskapet når du vil.
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