You will achieve strength, endurance and well-being. With better fitness, and more energy you will will cope with the challenges of your everyday life. You reduce obesity or build muscle mass, the immune system increases, and it affects well-being and mood.

YOU WILL BE TRAING ON EXCLUSIVE EQUIPMENT FROM NOHrD. We have a selection of machines that together strengthen all the muscle groups in your body, and already after quite a few hours you will see significant results. All equipment that your physiotherapist recommends for rehabilitation after injuries can be found here with us.

ON THE BIG SCREEN you can stream your favorite trainer. Via our NOHrD app, you can arrange your own training program. Or would you rather train for music or watch your favorite series on Netflix while training?

YOU GET THE MACHINES FOR YOURSELF. During the hours you book, we do not let anyone else in. Training here is like owning your own private gym.

THE HALL IS OPEN BETWEEN 10AM-21PM every weekday after booking. It is easy to order an appointment: Use our app from your phone, visit our website, or stop by and enter your order on the door screen.

THE HYGIENE IN THE HALL IS CITY HEIGHT. You have access to organic products and microfiber cloths. Our team washes and steams all surfaces daily. You have allergy-friendly hand alcohol available, and we encourage everyone to use it regularly for extra safety. After each training session, the user sprays and disinfects affected surfaces with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent. After the workout, you are welcome to take a refreshing shower. Towels you can either rent or bring your own.

HERE ARE GOOD VIBERS, and you will quickly feel at home in this house!

AS A MEMBER OF REINE MUSKLER, you will of course get a discount on other of our products, such as yoga classes, paddle trips, courses and overnight stays. To ensure that the hall is accessible, we have limited membership. A membership costs only 495 kroner a month, and if you register for a whole year, you get an even lower price. So what are you waiting for?

START WITH 14 DAYS FREE TRIAL TIME Then you can see without obligation, if this is something for you. We look forward to seeing you!